Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence - AIM commentary on the EU proposal

AIM -European Brands Association, the umbrella organisation for AIM-Progress, has published its commentary on the EU proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD). Brands are pleased that there is now such a proposal to enable common legal requirements across the Single Market, but they believe that the current text requires improvement to ensure EU-wide harmonisation, align due diligence obligations with international standards, as well as clarify civil liability rules and directors’ duty of care. Read more here

Given the link to the overarching framework for supply chain due diligence, AIM is also inputting to the EU policy debate on a future legislative instrument to ban the import of products made with forced labour. Whilst welcoming the Commission's intent to root out forced labour from global supply chains, AIM put forward a number of recommendations to be considered for the forthcoming new EU legal instrument. These refer notably to the need for coherence of this instrument with related EU instruments and international standards, for a proper assessment of this instrument’s potential, as well as for implementation guidance and further clarity as to where responsibility for compliance lies. Read more here.